Welcome to your new home!!!

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Welcome to your new home!!!

Post by Admin on Fri Mar 03, 2017 10:08 pm

Playstation Home might be closed behind Sony's doors but we attempt to manipulate and bring Playstation Home back up no matter the cost or risk. We're working behind closed doors outside of the US country but attempt to bring it back up as much as possible to certain countries possibly the US & UK only at this moment. We don't want anything bad to physically happen legal wise so we're bypassing the copyright system by making home up for FREE content since the copyright license for Sony has been expired and they don't really care anymore. What Sony isn't telling you the game engine and data its self only RETIRED and wasn't entirely wiped out.

Either way we plan on replicating Home if we have to bring it back up that way through backed up data there's no current updates on this project but to let you know it's ACTUALLY happening! Again all of this is behind closed doors and anonymously and flawlessly. Playstation Home made a bad mistake disappointing millions of home fans who got wrongfully evicted so we're doing them a favor to bring it back whether they like it or not.


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